Tips and Tricks for Toy Donations

Pile of Toys

If you are like me it’s the New Year and you haven’t really dealt with clearing up the Christmas/Hannukah mess yet. A great first step is getting rid of gently-used or new things your kids or grandkids can’t use.

A key part of that sentence is “gently-used or new.” No one wants your Harry Potter book with the missing the first 3 pages or the doll suffering from the unfortunate Halloween haircut incident.

Here are some options –

  • Got great books? The Children’s Book Bank is a great place.
  • Great toys? Jesse’s Centre welcomes items in our Swap Shop that are clean and in excellent condition. Call 416-365-1888 before bringing a donation.
  • Art supplies? ArtsJunktion, a program of the Toronto District School Board is a terrific option.

Remember that organizations like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Value Village provide important revenue for charities and welcome good quality donations.

When sorting toys, art supplies, and books, ask yourself “would I be happy to give this gift to my child?”

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