What Justin Bieber can teach you about smart charity fundraising

“It would be so great if Justin Bieber would do a performance for our charity. We could make millions” is on the minds today of many after hearing of the benefit concert Beiber did forĀ House of Blessing, a charity his family benefited from in the past.

What is smart was that this event was on a size and scale that was manageable for the charity. They didn’t take a huge risk and rent the Skydome and try to deal with selling a zillion tickets and juggle massive venue logistics they couldn’t handle. They rented a relatively small venue and had a completely successful benefit concert.


Bieber deserves praise for supporting the charity who helped his family. And this concert was smart – well executed by being on a size and scale that would ensure financial success and reduce risk to the charity. Those are the lessons volunteers, Board members and fundraisers should learn from this great holiday gift to a wonderful holiday charity.

Photo of Justin Bieber, Universal Music

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