Charities Don’t Want Your Broken Crap

Charities don’t want broken crap.

We may smile politely and thank you when you drop off stained clothing, broken toys, or your 8 year old computer. That is because we were raised to be polite not because we want it.

The City of Toronto says it best “All organizations want working items (unless otherwise specified). Do not donate an item that is not reusable. Keep in mind that most organizations have limited storage space.”

What should you do if you have something you really want to donate but you are unsure of it’s condition?

1) Take a close look at the item. Look hard at the item in your hands – if it is torn, stained, or faded then it is more suitable as a rag, not as a donation.

2) Check the list on the City of Toronto website for which charities will take damaged items.

3) If all else fails, you can deliver things off to the City at one of drop-off depotsfor disposal.

Charities are grateful for gently used items in good condition that we can use and that we have the storage space for. Please don’t put us in the awkward spot of disposing of your used junk.

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  1. Thanks Anne! Same goes for food…food banks don’t want weird stuff you can’t figure out how to use or cans that were bought years ago.

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