Where’s the leadership? Goodwill Board abandons employees.

One of my first jobs was working to raise money for Goodwill in San Francisco. Through this work, I was inspired and impressed by the mission of the organization and the remarkable front-line employees.

Recently, in the face of enormous financial crisis, the entire Board of the Toronto Goodwill quit. I am outraged.

The media spotlight has appropriately been on the poor Goodwill employees scrambling to make ends meet because the charity will miss payroll this Friday. ┬áThe question everyone should be is asking is “Where is the Board?”

At a time when the organization is at the greatest need of support and leadership, the people elected to help an organization navigate a difficult situation choose to abandon ship. That is poor leadership and poor judgment.

Charity boards are not fluff appointments. Being on a charity board is a real and serious commitment.

The Goodwill Board has abandoned hundreds of vulnerable employees – they should be deeply, deeply ashamed.

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