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Before you fire your fundraiser, read this

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Before you fire your fundraiser, read this

Many charities are taking stock of their last fiscal year this week. And, if you are an Executive Director and your donations are down this year, you may be thinking about letting your fundraiser go. Here are some questions you should ask your fundraiser first – What is the 3 year trend of donations for your charity? […]

Tips and Tricks for Toy Donations

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Tips and Tricks for Toy Donations

If you are like me it’s the New Year and you haven’t really dealt with clearing up the Christmas/Hannukah mess yet. A great first step is getting rid of gently-used or new things your kids or grandkids can’t use. A key part of that sentence is “gently-used or new.” No one wants your Harry Potter book […]

Is your charity respectful of volunteers?

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Charities often struggle to find great volunteers. Part of the problem is that for some reason, many charities have the idea that there are a legion of people out there just waiting to do dull, routine clerical work. How can you effectively find the good volunteers who are keen to help you? Have you posted […]

As Board member, should you serve for now or forever?

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Some Board members serve for a year. Some serve forever. Which is better? While there are pros and cons to both approaches, conventional wisdom has Boards with defined term limits. Not sure where you stand? Here are a few quick Pros and Cons thanks to very smart folks at BoardSource. THE PROs OF TERM LIMITS • Provide […]

High Hospital Parking Fees May Be Your Fault

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A cancer patient has complained about hospital parking fees arguing “the fees are a violation of the Canada Health Act, which recognizes Canadians’ right to guaranteed access to health care services “without financial or other barriers.” If you have ever said the sentence “Charities should be run more like businesses,” you are part of the […]

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Ann Rosenfield, MBA, CFRE is an award-winning professional  who has been helping donors, volunteers, Boards, and neighbours make good decisions about charity for over 20 years. She is currently the Interim Executive Director of small charity and has also worked in a large, national charity with a staff of 1,000. Her professional volunteer leadership service includes over 8 years with Imagine Canada and over 20 years with the Association of Fundraising Professionals. In her spare time, she serves as Board Secretary of Rainbow Railroad and is a roll up the sleeves volunteer with several local charities including Not Far From The Tree.